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Hobo Beer + Co.



Who is Hobo?

19th November 2012

Who is Hobo Beer & Co?

Hobo Beer & Co is a ‘frisco circle’ of five hard-working, wandering gentleman who travel the world fashioning great beer. And then putting it in a can.


‘One Shoe Ekins’ Long of whisker, short of shoe jungling journeyman. Spiritual soft soaper, dedicated Doc and basement booze hoister. Often seen riding east on the third rail. Likes owls. Talks to dogs.

‘Hash House Herb’ Recognised riffle-maker, whiffling wanderman and hard working backdoor stiff. Knows his way around a banjo. Plays the spoons and sharpens knives. Tugs coats. Vulnerable to jerky.

‘Cupids-Itch Collins’ Bim-bothering, hooch hawking, bovine hustling belonger of the barrel-house. Lays down Lincolns, sweeps up Sawbucks. Large leather poke, pulls in the petticoat. High forehead, lowbrow.

‘Tin-Roof Tommy’ Blowed-in-the-glass spitoon philosopher, a true gin mill gentleman. A lesser-spotted mahogany decorator, tells talles of the tiger milk. A fine flimflam man. Weakness for bales of straw. Worries cattle.

‘Box Car Benny’ Shiv-dodging bearded brother of the wander path. Acclaimed underbush orator. Handy with a hoboglyph, good with growlers. Spears biscuits. Never flies light. Susceptible to stew. Jaunty J.B.

An insight into Hobo Language & Slang can be found here.